When I pick up my tools every day, I do it because I want to create something unique.


For me every piece of furniture I create has to be special; as distinctive as the living wood it is made from, as individual as the person who commissions it. 


I started building bespoke furniture because I could never work out why I should buy something that I could make better with my own hands. I was never happy with anything ‘off the shelf’. Today I channel the same conviction into crafting truly one-off, handmade, beautiful furniture for you. If you’re going to live with something, why settle for less?


Working with wood has always been the natural choice for me. No two trees are the same. I take the intrinsic variety of nature and embody it in furniture which continues to live a life of its own. When something leaves the workshop I know it’s only the beginning.


Creativity like this takes time and care. Time to get to know you, time to build a relationship, time to agree on a vision and make a reality that is even better. Each piece of timber is carefully selected, each whorl, grain and texture pored over and considered.


It was a love of the potential of handcrafted creativity that drove my partner Sophie and I to spend four years converting the Makers Mill, in Keswick, which is dedicated to showcasing the endless ingenuity of Cumbria’s community of craftspeople.


I am proud to have my workshop and showroom in a place that supports and exhibits the talent of the county’s artisans. Feel free to drop by or get in touch to discuss how I can bring your project to life.