Fitted bookcase with Integrated Home Cinema

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About This Project

Fitted bookcase with integrated home cinema setup made from American Cherry and Walnut….


It’s a big (over 5 meters long) and deceptively complicated this one…
The furniture is fitted and scribed between walls at either end, to the ceiling AND completely wraps around a window within it. Of course none of which were level/plum to each other – but nothings too much trouble for a MOS Furniture client!!


It ALSO has a complete home cinema setup hidden within it.
There is a rather huge projector screen (90” picture size) that lives in the top cupboard, this is remote control and comes down at the push of a button, see video. The bottom cupboards house the AV equipment such as amp and Blu-ray player etc and the middle drawer houses something called a ‘short throw projector’. These were new to me at the start of this commission, but as the name suggests its a projector that projects over a short, rather than long distance. So believe it or not the projector permanently lives in the bottom drawer below the screen, and the distance of pulling the drawer open is enough for it to project upwards onto the screen – no projectors hanging from the ceiling ever again!


There is some quite complicated cable management throughout the furniture to make sure you see no wires connecting all the components anywhere. There is also 2 types of integrated lighting: spots in the underside of the middle shelves and above the window seating area. As well as plug points in the back on cupboards etc


Guide Price: £10k