‘Stitched River’ Coffee Table

Natural 'Live Edge', Table
About This Project

Made from spalted Beech this ‘Stitched River’ table has Walnut ‘stitches’ or strips bridging the gap between to ‘Live Edges’ of the table top. Spaced close enough together that even tall narrow glasses will stand stable while still giving the visual gaps/spaces to accentuate the ‘Live Edge’ design.

The lower frame and legs are also made from spalted beach with the legs flaring in both directions and double rails on all sides.

‘Spalting’ in timber refers to the darker strips of colour in the grain of the timber, caused by a fungus getting into the tree while it is still growing and adding lots of amazing shapes and colours in the grain.

80cm(l) x 60(w) x 44(h)

For sale at The Makers Mill, Keswick for £1350 or contact direct